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Grip Power Hand Grip Arm Trainer

Grip Power Hand Grip Arm Trainer

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The Grip Power Hand Grip Arm Trainer is the ideal choice for strengthening your grip and wrists. Create superior gripping power that translates to improved performance in virtually any activity with this adjustable, foream-exercising force trainer. This ergonomically designed hand grip trainer takes your fitness goals to a new level with its ability to improve muscle strength and coordination for those looking for an edge in their workout routine. The intuitively crafted force trainer helps to target your muscles specifically, improving strength gradually as you increase resistance levels for maximum results. With reliable control over tension levels up to 30 kilograms and comfortable ergonomic handle design, the Grip Power Hand Grip Arm Trainer ensures that you always have complete control over your workouts while ensuring complete safety of the wrist joints as well. Your training regimen will be more effective than ever before with this amazing tool!




Net weight: About 423g
Size: 270 X 150 X 30mm/10.6 X 5.91 X 1.18"
Color: Black
Applies to: Outdoor, fitness, exercise

Packing list:
1 X Forearm Hand Wrist Force Trainer

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